Conscious Eating


Follow The Living Healthy Method with Beverley Blass. It's a lifestyle, not a diet.

  • Unravel the stronghold food & emotions have on your life.
  • Experience the power of your intestinal health. Get to know your intestinal inhabitants.
  • Understand the Gut-Brain Loop. Learn what your Gut / Brain issues are and how food can help. 
  • Experience the importance of water and the benefits of water therapies, including colon hydrotherapy.

The Living Healthy Method is about looking deeply into consciousness and becoming aware of our connection to ourselves and everything around us, from the earth to the stars. Beverley provides the support we so often need to help us step out of judgement and into love, starting with ourselves. Learn how change from within through healthy nutrition, movement, and a greater awareness of self.     

Whole Foods Education

5/5/5 Juice & Water Fast Programs


  • 5 days - prepare your body & mind
  • 5 days - fasting cleanse
  • 5 days - reintroduce healthy eating to your body 

The goal is to eliminate built up toxins in the body and wake up the natural cycles of life with healthy eating, greater awareness of your body's needs and attention to how  you connect with the world around you.

Detox & Cleanse


  • Reboot your body with fasting
  • Lowering the toxins in our body lowers inflammation...and symptoms can disappear
  • Greens and water are the healers of our body, mind & spirit
  • Begin anew...Detox NOW

Live Foods~Cooked Foods


  • The key to health is a balance between live & cooked foods
  • Live foods = raw, plant-based foods of fruits & vegetables
  • When eating cooked foods, choose wholesome, unprocessed, chemical free, non-GMO, non-dairy, local foods
  • Fats can be healthy - avocado, coconut & olive oils, plus nuts & seeds to start...

Gut Microbiome


  • What we eat affects our gut microbiota, our intestine's individual identity card or "finger print"
  • Probiotics & Intestinal Balance
  • Fermented foods - the key to a healthy gut
  • Bacteria - the bridge between health and disease
  • Your body is filled with both good and bad bacteria, but it’s the good bacteria in your stomach that are responsible for energy production. 

There are thousands of different species of bacteria in your body, most of it beneficial. It can weigh up to 4-1/2 pounds in the gut alone.  

It is time to learn about and address the imbalance of these "invisible" inhabitants in your gut.

Healing Power of Water


  • Water is the single most imprortant material for the existance and support of life and health
  • We are a fluid matrix, a microcosm of the macrocosm
  • Water is alive / you can speak to it / it retains memory / it has consciousness. It remembers!
  • Water can heal through oscellation and frequency

"One molecule of water with intention can change the entire matrix of your body and the planet."  Dr. Masaru Emoto

Think Outside the Box


  • Alternative Health for the Whole Family
  • The Question of Immunization
  • Antibiotics 
  • GMOs
  • Chemicals & Pesticides
  • Technology & Our Health
  • Supplements & Natural Remedies
  • Herbology
  • What's Causing Cancer?

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