The Living Healthy Method...

The Living Healthy Method combines awareness healing / therapy with comprehensive holistic education and health treatments. Beverley Blass  walks with you on the path to creating a sustainable and vibrant life through colon hydrotherapy, body-centered psychotherapy and nutrition at one of our two locations in Fairfield and West Hartford, Connecticut.   

Are you asking yourself: 

  • I want to make a change in my life, so where do I start?   
  • How do I find the support to unravel the stronghold food and  emotions have on my life?

Beverley’s experience with her clients has led her to know that, when you work on the physical and emotional at the same time, you make room for change to happen on all levels. 

You might believe transformation takes time…or it could happen in an instant!

About Us


Conscious Cleansing

  Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonics or Colon Cleansing)  

~ Cellular Detoxification 

~ Cellular Cleansing 

~ Cellular Hydration 

~ Cellular Nutrition 

~ Cellular Balance 


Conscious Eating

  Whole Foods Education  

~ Detoxification & Cleansing

~ Conscious Juice Fast & Water Fast Programs

~ Live Food / Cooked Food - Maintaining a Balance 

~ Weight Management     

~ Making Healthy Choices


The Listening Couch

Body-Centered Awareness Therapy ... the Path of Healing & Awakening 

Do you need help to identify and heal old wounds or trauma?

Do you have a sense of not belonging?

Are you ready to live your life  more fully? 

~ Build Acceptance and Heart for Oneself

~ Transform through Connection, Deep Listening & 

   doing the work

~ Be Present with Conscious Awareness  

~ Explore the Power of Intention 

~ Invite more of YOU into your life   


Check out Beverley's conversation with Mike Williams at Sage of Quay radio.

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