The Listening Couch (TM)


Integrative Intuitive Therapy ~ Individual & Small Groups

Do you feel fragmented in body, mind and/or spirit? 

Is depression, anxiety, trauma, grief or low self-esteem affecting your life?

     At some point in your life, you may find yourself sitting with blame, anger, judgement, or self-doubt. You may be numbing out with food or other substances. Or you may just need to talk with someone. 


Are you ready to live your life more fully? Come sit with me… 

     I can help you discover what you have hidden from yourself. Together we will unearth what keeps you from living your best life. I will help you integrate your heart, mind, soul and spirit, and bring acceptance and understanding to each part of you. 

     Through my extensive training and experience working one on one with my clients for decades, I have an innate sense of understanding and compassion for helping you build a connection with yourself to become more grounded and centered. 


What can you expect through working with me? 

  ~ Learn to live your life from a heart-centered place 

  ~ Build an awareness of your inner navigation 

 ~ Start to listen to your own inner voice 

 ~ Become clear about your intentions and outcomes 

 ~ Get to know, work with, and love your inner child, even through your resistance 

 ~ Reconnect with the treasure of your imagination 

 ~ Find your own power 


     Creating a safe and trusting relationship with me allows you to go to those places within yourself that are hidden or ignored – those places you don’t want to face. Bringing light into the darkness makes us whole. That’s where integration and transformation happens. 

     The Listening Couch’s Integrative Intuitive Therapy is an exploration, a gift we give to ourselves – where we can safely meet and deal with all of ourselves without judgement, bringing love to each and every part. 


     Our offices in West Hartford and Fairfield are here to serve clients in Connecticut, Eastern New York, New York City and surrounding areas.

Can you say, "I love myself!"?


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