with Beverley Blass

International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy’s (I-ACT) Colon Hydrotherapy Training is available with Certified Instructor Beverley Blass worldwide. She is currently President Emeritus of I-ACT and would love to share her passion for Colon Hydrotherapy with you. 

Are you thinking about adding on to or changing your career? We invite you to study Conscious Colonics Training with Beverley Blass who will open the doors for you to a profession that is both rich and rewarding. She teaches you the Art of Colon Hydrotherapy – the heart and body connection, and how to be a great therapist, not just a technician.    

It all begins with Beverley in Fairfield, Connecticut, or at your location. She has created an inviting and well rounded program, with the goal of helping you become certified through the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy [I-ACT], starting at Foundation Level 1. In joining I-ACT, you will become one of over 2,600 professional members in over 30 countries.   

Beverley’s 25 years of teaching experience, the last 15 as an I-ACT Instructor, and over 35 years as a practicing colon hydrotherapist and energy intuitive, have helped her develop a heart centered approach to her work with clients and students alike.     

I-ACT Requirements


Go to the I-ACT website at and click on TRAINING, then on FOUNDATION LEVEL to get the list of prerequisites. Before the first day of class, we will need documentation of the following: 

1. High school diploma, GED or higher  

2. Copy of transcript documenting a minimum of 30 hours of Anatomy & Physiology *    (equivalent of 3 credit hours)     (before I-ACT Certification) 

3. Current CPR Certification card ** (before I-ACT Certification) 

4. Three (3) personal colonic treatments 

5. Two (2) Passport size (2” x 2½”) headshot photos of you 

6. State license in Health Care, if applicable  


* Do you need to take an Anatomy & Physiology course?

An online Anatomy & Physiology course is available through Beverley Blass that would meet the  I-ACT requirement. For information, call 860-206-1129.

** There is an online CPR renewal program at that would meet the requirements for I-ACT certification. All I-ACT needs is a current CPR card which this program can provide. 



Foundation Level 1: $4,700

Levels 2, 3, 4 Call for Information: 860-206-1129 

Once you are accepted into the course, we require a deposit of $3,000 and a completed application to hold your space. The balance is due prior to the first day of the course. See application for refund policy. 

# Group rates also available.



I-ACT Manual costs $55, payable to Just Be Center by the first day of class. This manual compliments Beverley Blass’ Training manual, presented to you on the first day of class. 

Yearly I-ACT membership dues costs $150, payable by credit card or check made payable to I-ACT. Once they have received your application, I-ACT will mail you your membership certificate.  Note: You must be a member of I-ACT in order to maintain your I-ACT certification which is required by the State of Connecticut. 

Level 1 Test Fee is $75, payable by credit card or check made payable to I-ACT. After you have completed all of the requirements for Level 1 certification, you will receive your FOUNDATION LEVEL certificate from I-ACT. I-ACT will contact you directly if any of the requirements are incomplete.  (See I-ACT Requirement page on their website at:

Hotel Accommodations, if needed, at a local hotel. Arrangements are made by the student and are separate from the training program. A list of nearby hotels is available upon request.  

Suggested Books:

(Students are responsible for ordering their own copy.)

The Definitive Guide to Colon Hydrotherapy, by Dr. Stephen Holt, $49.95. This book is recommended for all colon hydrotherapists and trainees. It compliments educational programs required by I-ACT. It is also of value for patient information. It is available to order on or from Andrea at 973-256-4660 or by email at

Intestinal Health is Connected to ... What? The Power of Gut Microbes to Protect & Heal, by Mark Buse, $29.95. It is available from IWR Press (888) 352-8175.



FOUNDATION LEVEL 1 - Class Dates: Call 860-206-1129

Call for Scheduling or Additional Course Information: 860-206-1129 

Please contact us if you are already certified for Foundations Level 1 and would like further training. We also offer certification programs for Intermediate Level 2, Advanced Level 3, and Instructor Level 4.

Training takes place at out Fairfield, CT office.